© Emily Skinner 2019

Water COlor


Mac OS/Windows



Unity Engine


Tools Used


Autodesk Maya,

Adobe Illustrator CC



3 weeks






Water Color is inspired by long distance relationships. Many have experienced being away from a loved one which can be quite difficult, and few see it out to the end. This game is a little reminder to that special someone that you are always thinking of them and will climb mountains, rain or shine, to see them again.


The user plays as an umbrella that is blowing in the wind through a rainy city. They have the ability to thrust themselves into the sky and weave in between the street signs, traffic lights, and cars passing by. They must collect the rain drops that fall out of the sky. These drops fuel the storm that creates the umbrella’s ability to move through the wind. If the storm loses fuel, the color of the city will start to fade until it becomes completely gray. Once they collect 3 drops, a storm cloud will appear. This is their chance to refuel completely, replenishing the color within the city. Their goal is to pass through this busy city to reunite with the girl at the end of the street.


Project Goals


  • Rely the message of a long distance relationship to the player
  • Create a unique thruster game that uses fuel to advance in the level
  • Remove the need for a fuel bar by altering the colors of the backdrop based on the amount of fuel left.


gameplay Video