© Emily Skinner 2019

Negative Space


Mac OS/Windows



Unity Engine


Tools Used


Fine Art,

Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Animate CC,

Adobe Illustrator CC



9 weeks







What is art? Many believe that graffiti is not qualified as art. It is merely just rebellions defacing property. People paint over their graffiti, which censors their voice, their artwork. Negative Space is a game that deals with the censoring of certain forms of art, such as graffiti.


The goal of this game is to collect as much paint as possible before it is completely painted over. The player is in the form of a paint covered bee. They must weave in between the spray paint hive to collect paint drops before they are swept up by the painter. They must collect a certain amount of drops before they can pass to the next level, although there are more drops to collect in the level. The player must also avoid the flying spray cans that will cause them to fall off of the wall and the sticky fresh paint swatches left behind by the painter. If that wasn’t hard enough, they must do this all before the timer runs up.


Project Goals


  • Create a unique time-based shooter maze game that creates an element of suspense
  • Experiment with fine art elements including spray paint to achieve a more realistic graffiti effect
  • Make a level that creates an overall piece of artwork
  • Incorporate 2d and 3d elements not only through artwork and models but in the unique level switching mechanic to create an environment that feels as if the player is navigating around a building.


gameplay Video