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Mind Games


Mac OS/Windows,

Oculus Rift (Developing)



Unity Engine


Tools Used


Adobe Animate CC,

 Adobe Illustrator CC,

Cinema 4D,

Autodesk Maya,

Adobe Photoshop CC,

Amplify Shader Editor



10 weeks







You have been plagued with nanobots and have wound up in a specialty hospital that is experimenting with a cure. They bring you to a very comfortable room with a very calming doctor that is there to experiment with his method of treatment. The doctor explains that he will put you into a very deep sleep where you will be placed inside your own mind to fight off your disease. Once you are fully hypnotized, your mission is to destroy the first initial nanobot. After this nanobot is destroyed, the others that were created by its DNA will cease to exist.


You find yourself in a strange but somehow familiar place. Your goal is to move through each sector of your mind to reach the center where the big boss is, but the further your go, the more your mind will test you and the stronger the hallucinations will get. You will find pickups along the way that teach your mind a new level of defense. Each pickup uses your mental capacity to create what you picture in your mind. Mental capacity is a fuel that is rechargeable over time. Your mind will be full of enemy nanobots that not only have specialty attacks but will cause hallucinations that will deceive you down the wrong path. What is real and what is manipulated will be difficult to decipher. You will need to use your mental capacity to fight them off. If not, they will attack you. Your “health” is based on your consciousness. If they lower your health down to zero, your mind will protect you by waking up and losing the battle. Each level will test your mind to find the right path and expose the nanobots.


Project Goals


  • Make a first-person shooter, psychological thriller that makes the player question their decision making skills
  • Create a fully immersive experience that convinces the player that they are trapped in their own mind
  • Utilize the Oculus Touch Controllers to make the player feel as if their own hands have special abilities
  • Demonstrate complex enemy behavior trees differing for each enemy
  • Create a futuristic level using different textures, models, and particle effects.



gameplay Video