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Mac OS/Windows



Unity Engine


Tools Used


Adobe Animate CC



6 weeks






Fallen is an endless runner side scroller game that is inspired by the nine circles of hell in Dante’s Inferno. Due to the lengths this game can reach, a preview of one circle of hell will be focused on. This level is created based on the mythology of the seventh circle of hell, which is violence.  According to mythology, the seventh circle of hell is guarded by a minotaur and surrounded by a boiling blood river filled with sinners. The sinners are forced to stay in the river by the centaurs. If they try to get out of the river, the centaurs will shoot them with arrows to cause them to sink back into the river. This is the basis for this game.


The player is an angel that was sent to re-freeze Satan in hell. The angel must run away from the minotaur and dodge the sinners and arrows that are drawn by the centaurs on the banks. If the angel hits a sinner, she will be pushed back towards the minotaur. The angel can run on top of the river due to her purity, but if she hits an arrow she will sink into the river.


Project Goals


  • Create an endless runner side scrolling game that implements the mythology of Dante’s Inferno
  • Remove the need for a health bar by communicating amount of “health” in other manners.
  • Create interesting characters with relating features that put them in the same world


gameplay Video