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Mac OS/Windows, Mobile



Unity Engine


Tools Used


Adobe Animate CC,

 Adobe Illustrator CC



4 weeks






You are locked in a mansion with spirits that hide in the darkness. Your goal is to turn on all of the lights so that the spirits do not have any place to hide. Each room will have a different set of tasks that will have to be completed in a specific order to accomplish the end goal of light. For example, if a room has a fireplace you will have to chop wood and place it in the fireplace, then find a source to light the fire.


You will have to pick up and hold items for a period of time in order to solve the puzzles in each room. You will need to incorporate items in other rooms to accomplish certain  tasks. The mansion is one big puzzle room. When the rooms are lit, the spirits will stop spawning in that room.


Project Goals


  • Create a top-down strategy game with a quirky, spooky appeal
  • Create intriguing puzzles that are plausible, while still being challenging
  • Demonstrate a simplistic inventory system that is clean and easy to use
  • Create a fake 3D environment using all 2D assets
  • Optimize game for mobile platforms

gameplay Video