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Unity Engine


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Adobe Illustrator CC,

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September '18 - Current






Bounty is a survival game where the player hunts and defeats monsters that have been disrupting the villagers. There are 3 villages. In each village, there will be a board that will have possible bounties. On the bounty, it will have a drawing of the monster, facts about the monster, bounty amount, level, where it was last seen, and how to track it.


There will be a specific location indicated on the map where the monster was last seen. Once the player travels to this location, there will be anything from tracks to droppings that will lead the player to the monster. Once they find the monster, the monster will perform specific attacks in a predictable manner and will increase in difficulty when weakened.


The player will be able to acquire different weapons that will be accessible during the fight. These weapons will have a durability scale. Once at zero, they will need to be repaired to do more damage. The player will also have an armor that will protect them from the first couple of blows that is upgradeable. The durability of the armor will replenish over time.


Once the monster has been defeated, the player will receive parts from the monster. They must then take the parts back to the same village to prove the death of the monster, then they will receive their cash reward. The cash can be used to upgrade weapon/armor, or to purchase food/water. They must do all of this while staying fed and hydrated. The player will need to hunt lower level enemies regularly to harvest their meat for food or gather berries in the bushes. For water, the player will have a bottle they can fill. Water and meat that are found in the wild will have to be cooked. In order to cook, the player must find flint and wood to start a fire. Then they can safely eat/drink. If their thirst/hunger meter reaches 0, it will start lowering their health.


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Dev Blog


Bounty is currently in development. Check out the development blog for the game below to watch my progress!


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