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My name is Emily Skinner. I am a creative digital artist and game designer. I graduated from Lake Erie College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Media, Digital Arts, and Technology. For the last several years, I have pursued a career as a graphic artist; however, while I was still in school, there was one class I could never forget, my first game design class. This class allowed me to combine my logic skills with my artistic abilities. I believe that my abilities will allow me to explore and challenge the possibilities of the game design industry.


I committed to chasing this dream, and after graduation, I enrolled in a game design certificate program at Cuyahoga Community College. This was where I gained experience with Unity, Playmaker, Cinema 4D, and learned how these multiple disciplines worked together to create an immersive experience. I even had the opportunity to create games for Virtual Reality.


My passion is to create immersive experiences that transport people to other worlds. I strive to re-imagine mechanics while working closely with users to improve game experience. I look forward to the challenges of new technologies and the evolution of the gaming industry. I am eager to collaborate with other creators to make better experiences and tell immersive stories.


Always looking for creative challenges. Let’s get in touch!


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